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Data Recovery

Windows Data Recovery

Recover Data Windows is an excellent data recovery tool to recover corrupted, deleted and missing data from Windows based file system i.e. FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. This advanced software helps you to easily recover or restore your favorite music, video, documents as well as your beloved ones photos. It is quick, simple and easy to use Windows data recovery software with eye-catching graphical user interface.

Linux Data Recovery

Recover Data Linux is designed to help users to recover their lost, deleted and corrupted data or files in an efficient technique. It allows users to recover data from both the Linux partitions like Ext2 and Ext3.

Mac Data Recovery

Recover Data MAC is a non-destructive data recovery software for Macintosh which helps you to recover deleted files, undelete empty trash, formatted partitions, photos, music, videos and recover documents which have been already lost. Recover Data for Mac data recovery software effectively recovers MAC files that has been lost or deleted from Mac HFS & HFS+ drives. It is a professional MAC file recovery tool to fix Mac files from Mac trash.

External Drive Recovery

Recover Data Pen Drive is the best pen drive data recovery software designed to recover deleted, corrupted or missing files and folders from any brands of pen drive even if the pen drive is logically crashed, formatted or corrupted. It can be used easily by a non-technical person without having any specified technical skill.

Backup Recovery

Recover Data MS Backup is a useful tool to recover corrupted MS backup archives. This is an excellent file repair software for those who come across MS backup corruption. It is capable to open multiple bkf files at a time and can repair failed or corrupted bkf files. It is equipped with advanced algorithm which extensively scans MS bkf files and assures the recovery of utmost possible archived files stored in backup file.

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Why Data Recovery Software?

Data Recovery Software has become a need of modern day life where important information are kept in form digital data on various storage devices like; Hard-disk, CD, DVD, External hard drive, Pen drive, Floppy disk, Memory cards etc. All these devices keep your data according to the space allocated to them. But if at any point of time your storage device gets corrupt or stops responding, you will face a data loss situation. To combat this scenario, we need data recovery software which can get your data back.

Recover Data for Data Recovery

Recover Data is the most prominent and widely accepted brand name in the field of Data Recovery. The software is developed in modern and progressive Recover Data 's lab which offers various competent and infallible features with the application. The data recovery software by Recover Data works with all types of Operating System and recovers data from lost, deleted or formatted storage system. We offer you a range of recovery software:

  • Windows data Recovery Software
  • Email Recovery Software
  • Server Recovery Software

All these Recovery software comes with a unique Guided File Excavation Technology that helps in locating the lost data in a quick and smooth way.

Data Recovery Software 2012

Recover Data has launched a new edition of Data Recovery Software 2012. This is compatible with all existing operating systems. The transformation in technology has made this new version a one stop solution for all sorts of data recovery process.

Globalization of business has demanded some huge storage device and servers. Big organization keeps their data on the specific server which has enormous capacity of data keeping. But in this fragile digital world, even server and hugely capacitive hard disk may get corrupted and you may be left with nothing but the data loss scenario. Once your sensitive and important data are lost, you look for a recovery tool which can recover your data as it was.

Data Recovery software 2012 by Recover Data is the most preeminent solution available in heavily crowded market of data recovery application. It not only recovers your previous data but restore it in the same form as it was earlier. This application has been designed in a way that it does not make any changes in the original form the data file and hence you can use your recovered data without any further hassle.

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